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    Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

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Sewage flooding is an extremely serious problem especially if it is in the sanctity of your home. Outdoors is a different story, but inside it is a completely different and story as the sewage water is not your average water. It is toxic and in some cases, can even be radioactive due to all the waste material that is present there.

If this is the case, immediate action and rectification needs to be followed up with considering how important it is for you to have a clean and pure environment inside your premises. Restoration House in Brea provides the best sewage flooding clean-up services that are quick, efficient and completely effective.

Here are some of the reasons why you you’re experiencing such a troublesome problem:

1. Blockage of Sanitary Sewers

If the main sewerage line of your street or locality is clogged, neither will it be detected fast enough, nor can timely action be taken. At one point, it starts to backflow which results in flooding inside the buildings of the vicinity.

2. Defective Hardware

Old plumbing, cracks in the main line and other similar defects can lead to your sewers overflowing causing much distress to occupants and nearby residents.

3. Roots

If there is a lot of greenery surrounding your residence or building, there is a chance of some of those roots to find their way into the underground pipes causing leakage on a small scale. But sooner than later, that leakage leads to a grand mess.

4. Flooding

Heavy rains sometimes fill up the sewage lines causing them to overflow resulting in massive flooding over a wide area.

Risks involved

Due to dirty and contaminated sewage water which is also known as ‘blackwater’ or ‘sludge’, many health risks involved. As mentioned earlier, our biggest priority is to ensure that there no harm comes to any living organism under our watch even if it is a pet goldfish you own and love to care for. We try our best to create awareness amongst our clients of the harmful side effects of sewage water and aim to clean and sanitize the entire area as fast as possible.

There are many serious ailments and diseases that spread due to exposure to dirty water for extended periods of time. Here are a few:

● Hepatitis
● Legionnaires Disease
● Gastroenteritis
● Asthma
● Allergic Alveolitis
● Dermatitis
● Cancer (Blood, Liver, Kidney)

As you can see, there are countless medical risks involved in sewage flooding. So call us now if you have such a problem at (714) 494-1133 and immediately seek professional cleaning services to guarantee you and your family’s safety.