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  • Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

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    Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

  • Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

Water is indeed a precious commodity but under particular circumstances, it can rear its ugly head. In large quantities, there are no limits to the wreckage and destruction water can cause to structures of a building.

Many families and homes have been shattered because of excess water that was not treated on a timely basis. Damage to property is one factor and the loss of human lives is a worst case scenario, which can be easily avoided

Loss of life only occurs if the restoration company does not pay proper attention to your situation or arrive late to the damage site. They may not be held accountable for all your losses, but that is inconsequential as you end of bearing the brunt of the loss.

Restoration House in Brea takes the concerns of each and every client very seriously and gives them full attention until the dire circumstances have been dealt with completely. We do not want anyone to lose more than they already have which is why we consistently managed to outperform other restoration companies. Our 30-minute response window is far better than what other restoration companies can live up to.

As luck would have it, water is also one of the best conductors of electricity. This is a very serious problem, especially indoors, as there are many electrical appliances present. If even a small amount of water comes in contact with anything electrical, the chances of an electric shock increase drastically. Since the human body acts as an insulator, the charge is unable to pass through us without causing harm, which is the reason we feel a jolt when coming into contact with electrically charged water. If only our skin was insulated with a conducting material to let the charge harmlessly pass but that isn’t the case!

At Restoration House Brea, we want you and your belongings to be safe and secure which is why we have kept our response time limited to only 30 minutes. This gives us enough time to assess your situation at a glance and assemble our crew to help you in your hour of distress.

Once on site, our workers will instantly start to recover and save all of your possessions and would go the extra mile to aid anyone who needs help. All our workers get regular training in order to keep up with the industry and plan properly to restore your property as well as belongings.

Call us now at (714) 494-1133 to let Restoration House in Brea take care of all your needs and concerns.

Here is how our workers cut your losses short and restore your property and belongings back to their former state:

Source of Trouble

Identifying the source of the water that’s destroying your goods is the first step our workers partake and work around the clock to locate and eliminate that source of trouble.

A number of reasons could be responsible for the large amount of water that’s present such as:

1. Faulty piping
2. Plumbing disasters
3. Ventilation system leakage
4. Appliance malfunctioning

Until and unless the source is eliminated, the water will be a constant source of worry and trouble for you even after we remove all of it. Flooding will become a common occurrence which can result in a severe loss of property. Our workers leave no stone unturned to eliminate the root cause of this kind of nuisance.


After locating and eliminating the source of the water leakage, our workers will simultaneously start to recover and save all of your belongings affected by the water. For instance, books, documents, furniture, tapestry and any other valuable belongings will instantly be relocated to a safer and drier place until the situation return backs to normal. Once we are finished with the restorative work and you are absolutely satisfied that your house is safe for normal living conditions, all of your belongings are placed right where you want them.


Removal of water is an important part of the entire process and with the help of our high powered suction tools and vans, we can easily remove large quantities of water that’s causing damage to your goods. Within a matter of minutes, we will successfully remove all excess water that is present so that we can continue to salvage your belongings and make sure the place is completely dry and inhabitable again.

While it is relatively easier to suck out large quantities of water, the tricky part is to locate and remove smaller water bodies that accumulate in hard to reach places such as inside walls and other darker, more cramped places. This still water can easily get contaminated with all sorts of bacteria and germs. As such, it needs to be removed instantly and completely.

With the help of air blowers and dehumidifying equipment, we can successfully dispel all such water bodies in a short period of time. Once we decrease the overall moisture content of your house, the rate of evaporation increases which will further help in eliminating water.


Once we are certain that all the water has been properly removed, we begin with drying off stationary objects which can be damaged when coming into contact with water for large periods of time. Using state of the art air blowers and sprays, we can dry and dehumidify your rugs, curtains and any other clothing material on the premises. This is the final step and an equally important one. Until and unless we feel our workers have religiously followed all these steps to completely rid your space of water damage, we will not bid farewell.

For Your Information

Dealing with such natural calamities can wear down heavily on your shoulders and as a result we do not want you to inadvertently do something that compounds your troubles. You and your family’s safety is our highest priority. Rather than making rash decisions or panicking, give us a call and until help arrives, take this list of Dos and Don’ts into consideration:

1. Try to keep away from water; coming into contact can lead to electric shock.
2. Try to keep higher platforms such as countertops and tables as dry as possible.
3. If you have an air conditioner, keep the temperature as low as possible to increase the rate of evaporation.
4. DO NOT touch or use any electrical appliance or equipment if it has come into contact with water.
5. DO NOT use any wiring or electrical socket that’s wet or damp.
6. If the flooding is on the first floor, DO NOT use any appliances attached to the ceiling of your ground floor, such as fans and lights.

If you’re suffering from such a dilemma, call us now at (714) 494-1133 and let Restoration House in Brea take care of the rest.