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  • Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

  • Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

  • Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

Restoration House in Brea provides its clients with a vast array of restoration services. Along with water damage and flooding, we also cater to fire damage restoration and smoke removal. In addition, we also assess and repair damage caused by sewage flooding and water sprinklers. No matter what kind of services you need to avail, you are in safe hands.

Here is a list of every type of restoration service we provide:

Water Problems

Water damage can wreak a lot of havoc and cannot only be extensive to repair but also prove injurious to your health, if a timely response is not taken. When you call us, your safety and peace of mind is in our hands as our team will remove excess water from where it shouldn’t even be to begin with. Removing all that water and bringing the humidity levels back to normal is a very important step in the restoration of your house.

Whether the water damage has been caused by sprinklers or a pipe leakage, we will single out and effectively eliminate the source. After that, we will take the necessary steps to repair and restore any damage that has occurred. We can even take on bigger issues caused by natural disasters.

Perhaps the single most dangerous substance present on our planet, fire is a scary force to reckon with. It can cause more loss to life and property than any other natural force. Putting out fires is just one stage of the entire process as the burnt and damaged property needs to be restored or discarded, whilst ensuring that no loss of life occurs and none of your belongings take further damage.

Mold Formation
The biggest problem associated with water damage if left untreated in dark places and unreachable areas is mold formation, along with other disease spreading vectors that rely on still water as a medium to grow.

The only way to remove mold is to clean out the water completely and dehumidify flooded areas, especially those which are hard to reach.


Dehumidification is an essential stage of the water restoration process. With the help of the latest equipment and air blowers, the moisture content has to be brought down to a safe level so that there is no defect in electrical appliances and the overall environment and air in your house stays normal. Dampness in the air that you breathe in can cause a number of allergies and ailments. As such it needs to be dealt with properly.

Dehumidification is also important because there is a high risk of water finding its way into electrical wiring which can result in a short circuit. That monumentally increases the chances of getting an electric shock should you come into contact with moisture anywhere in the house.


Smoke may not seem like much of a problem but in large amounts, it can cause long term damage to your property, as well as your physical and mental health as breathing in smoke can be a big disaster. It sets off the sprinkler system even if there is no fire which further compounds your problems by causing water damage.

Removal of smoke is an important restoration process and can be a leading cause of fires starting indoors. Restoration House in Brea has the equipment to properly vacuum out all that harmful smoke and purify the air inside your house, office or building. With our power tools, it does not take too long and combined with aromatherapy, the air in your living or working space is back to being normal and breathable again.


Clothing material such as rugs, tapestry, curtains and carpets need more time to dry out and some are made of fabric which is ruined when it comes into contact with water. Our workforce is trained to see to it that your items are dried, cleaned, repaired and installed properly once your home is restored to its original condition.

Water Disposal

Our state of the art suction trucks and vans can suck out tremendously large quantities of water in short periods of time to help dry off the area. Water needs to be removed so that excess damage is prevented including associated safety hazards. Regardless of the amount of water that is present inside your house, Restoration House in Brea is more than qualified to remove all it successfully without leaving any traces whatsoever.

Sprinkle Damage Restoration

When there is a threat of a fire ensuing indoors, sprinklers release large amounts of water to dispel that threat. Even a small amount of smoke can set off a water sprinkler system. Whilst the fire hazard may go away, the water released also can cause damages to your belongings and property.

If the water is not removed quickly and hastily, the water starts to accumulate which further complicates matters such as damaging electrical equipment and ruining your interior decor. Furthermore, if the water from dark, hard to reach places is not removed quickly and completely, the risk of mold and mosquitos which carry numerous diseases also increases.

Good home restoration is a taxing and expansive process. The circumstances that force you to avail such services can only be dealt with by a professional company that has years of experience in their repertoire. You end up spending a large sum of money to get your house or building back in tip-top condition and under those circumstances, other restoration companies will almost always try their level best to maximise profits before anything else.

Don’t get conned by such companies and call us now at (714) 494-1133 to let Restoration House in Brea take care of all your needs and concerns.

For us, the most important thing is not your money but your peace of mind. We want you to be as relaxed as possible. When you reach out to us, know that our sole objective is to bring normalcy back into your life with virtually no interferences or distractions.

We directly bill your insurance companies for services rendered and do not have any interest in leeching you out of your hard-earned money. Even if you’re not insured, we assure you that our rates are the most competitive in the industry and we work tirelessly to see to it that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The details of our services are listed below which we provide to the best of our abilities 100% of the time: