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Call us : (714) 494-1133

  • Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Fire Damage Restoration 24/7 | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

  • Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Direct Insurance Billing | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

  • Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

    Restoration House in Brea | Call Us : (714) 494-1133

The secret of our success are the skills and organizational abilities of our workers. Before we hire them as full time employees, they have to undergo a series of challenging tasks, training and tests which are aimed at honing and improving their restoration skills.

If they succeed in our tests, they are moved to the next phase which is learning to do their job right. We put all our workers through an extensive training drill which consists of courses and classes taught by experts in the restoration sector. Each worker must pass and clear examinations and obstacles that we put them through. Until and unless they pass these with flying colors, we do not hire them.

You may be led to believe that we are going overboard with our strict training regimens, but at the end of the day, they will be helping you deal with calamities while seamlessly working with other team members to deliver a permanent solution. This is where their training comes in.

We are also not willing to tarnish our reputation by receiving negative feedback from our clients on jobs done poorly by our workers. We hire only those who are 100% reliable and trustworthy with a clean track record and no criminal record, so that you not only get a great service but are also in good company from start to finish.
After bringing our well-trained workers on board, we shower them with perks and incentives along with a satisfactory salary so that their requirements are fulfilled. That ensures that they remain 100% motivated to perform the required tasks to the best of their abilities.

Our workers are also covered by an insurance plan and they have literally no reason to rely on underhanded or ‘sneaky tactics’ to fulfil their needs. At the end of the day, this makes them even more reliable than the average worker. We value those who work for us as they are the foundation Restoration House in Brea is built on.
Want the best restoration workers helping you overcome dire circumstances? Call us now at (714) 494-1133 and let our exemplary workforce aid you in your quest to resume a normal life instantly!